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photo with caption "how to get good blog photos without getting sued"

How To Get Good Photos For Your Wellness Blog Without Getting Sued

You have written a perfect blog post and everything is just right! All you need is the perfect photo to better explain your point and beautify your write up so you turn to Google and search “Girl exercising”, “happy people physically well” or “woman holding fresh fruits and smiling” you ...
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What Really Is Holistic Wellness?

You must have heard about wellness at some point in your life by now or at least you must have heard a person or two talk about intentional living. Somehow you have tried to join in perhaps to look as good as they do, to be financially free or even ...
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7 Tips To Overcome Money Induced Depression

Money induced depression is real but often overlooked. Depression in itself is a serious illness that negatively affects how you feel, act, think, look and live. According to American psychiatric association, depression affects an estimated 1 in 15 adults in any given year and 1 in 6 people will experience ...
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photo with caption about how to move your blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org

How to Move Your Blog from WordPress.Com to WordPress.org

I started this blog on WordPress.com more than a year ago and was there for exactly one year. I contemplated making the move to a self hosted blog for several months before I actually took the plunge. Some of the reasons why I stayed put on WordPress.com for so long ...
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Everyone, their mum and their dog are craving wellness in at least one aspect of their lives.

Holistic wellness isn’t ONLY about eating right, exercising regularly or even saving the planet. It includes every area of our lives even the most “irrelevant”. It is primarily mind-body-spirit and largely everything about you, including your relationships, sleeping pattern, job, and even your spending habits.
The dimensions of wellness are intertwined and each one impacts every other. No one is wholly well when one of these dimensions is neglected.
With this in mind, THE WELLNESS KEEP brings to consciousness, the INTENTIONAL steps you can take to achieve holistic wellness.
You may have achieved one or seven of the eight dimensions of wellness but need help with that one part you are struggling with or didn’t even know was a “thing”.
Thank heavens!
We have organised all the information you need and paired them to look less cumbersome for you, to help you access the information you need and make a CONCIOUS EFFORT to strive for holistic wellness every day.

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Are you interested in starting a blog to document your wellness journey, share your wellness knowledge or you are already a blogger and looking to up your blogging game?

We’ve got you covered! We are a one-stop wellness blog and are not only interested in helping you achieve holistic wellness but in also helping you build your wellness blog/business.

We get blog related questions regularly and have organised everything we’ve learnt and are still learning into 6 simple portals to help you start your own wellness blog and/or grow your blog!

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founder of wellnesskeep.com

I am a holistic wellness enthusiast, founder/curator of this blog, a medical laboratory scientist and self acclaimed awesome person.
The wellness keep is primarily a holistic wellness blog where I share tips on how to live intentionally for people willing to take action. I have put together a team of professionals with both experience and the papers to show they know what they are talking about because I strive to produce quality content.We aim to make holistic wellness less daunting and more fun with simple doable steps and strive to be a resource for rookie wellness bloggers to acquire tips for better blogging in order to serve the general public even better.

The wellness keep hasn’t always been what it is; it has evolved with time and is still evolving all in a bid to serve you better.