Write For Us

by Rose Ofutet
Write For Us

Do you want to write for us? See our submission guidelines

We occasionally accept guest posts for the blog and would love to review your submission if you choose to write for us. You don’t have to be a blogger to write for us. We strive to promote articles that are well- researched, thought provoking, original, highly informative, entertaining and smartly written. Various writing styles are welcomed.

However, we are particularly drawn to writers with a strong point of view and a narrative style. You may write as an expert (bonus point), based on experience or just share your thoughts about a topic that aims to promote wellness or better wellness blogging.

Here’s what we look for in pieces we accept

When you write for us, they are some basic things we look out for some of which are:


There’s nothing new under the sun, hence, you have to bring your unique voice and perspective to any topic you choose. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert in the topic you choose but you should convince my readers why they should trust your perspective. Please do not submit previously published contents or plagiarised articles.

Wellness or blogging related:

This is a blog that promotes holistic wellness and better blogging, so we accept only articles that promote any of the 8 dimensions of wellness (financial, physical, occupational, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social and environmental wellness) and wellness blogging hacks.


What’s in it for our readers? Your piece has to have an end message. Something our readers take home. Something useful.


This isn’t an academic journal or a press release. We strive to have a personal relationship with our readers so we would appreciate humour, simple English and a generally entertaining piece. We are strong advocates of “write the way you talk”. Loosen up!

Current and timeless:

Our readers will appreciate current and relatable pieces. We really don’t need to know how to start a cart transportation business.


We are all about the SEO life. So articles with a decent number of links will be awesome. The chances that whatever topic your piece is about has already been written is 99.9% so find relevant links that either buttress your point or oppose it and link back to them. When linking, link to the particular article you are referring to and not to the entire blog.
Make sure the websites you link to are credible. Do not link more than what is needed. We may have relevant links on your topic of choice and one easy way to find them is by using Google.
Site.com “your keyword”. Example: wellnesskeep.com “write for us”

Correct grammar and spellings:

Everyone makes mistakes but try to read your article as many times as possible to lessen the work for us. Please we do not take anyone who spells “your” “ur” or “fine” and “fyne” seriously

If you are sure that your article will meet all the standards above, AWESOME! You are ready to write for us!

Here’s how the process works!

First you must pitch your post via email. This simply means if you have an idea of what you want to write, Contact Us with the title as “Guest post pitch” (just so it stands out to us).

In this email, give the title of your post and a summary of what it will be about. This step is necessary because they would be no need writing out hundreds or thousands of words when we have no interest in your topic. If you prefer personifying your mails, you could address them to Rose; she personally attends to of 98% of the incoming mails

Once your pitch has been approved, note the following:

  • You are required to submit your finished article within one week from when your pitch was approved
  • All submissions should be 500 words or more (terms and conditions apply).
  • When writing your article, ensure that you break your sentences into paragraphs, use bulleted lists where necessary, avoid excessive use of bold and italics and avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Make it fun! Include pictures, infographics and/or gifs. Be sure to use high quality images (you may use images you don’t own as long as its source is properly stated).
  • If you decide to use tools like Canva to create an infographic, try to include our blog theme colours (Teal and green or just go with black and white).
  • Ensure that you name images correctly with descriptive titles.
    Wrong: image0001e49.
    Right: write-exercise-hater-this-is-for-you-2018.jpg
    What if I don’t have images?
    We’ve got you covered. We would insert the necessary images in your post.
  • Send your article as a Microsoft Word document
  • All submissions are subject to editing prior to publication (you may not be informed of this).
  • Let people know how awesome you are. Be sure to include a small headshot, a brief bio (3-5 sentences) and your social media links/handles.
  • All bio submissions should include your real name and sent through a legitimate email address.
  • If you would like your article to be featured on our social media platforms, please provide us with your handles to the channels you choose (we currently promote posts only on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter)
  • Send it to info@wellnesskeep.com with the subject line of “Guest submission: your title”. Example: Guest submission: 10 facts about wellness blogging
Additional Information:
  • You are not allowed to republish your guest post to your own blog or anywhere else (duplicate content is bad for SEO and Google won’t take us seriously. We are sorry). However, you are very free to share it as many times as you want.
  • We do not accept previously publish posts.
  • Blogging isn’t our full time jobs so we might take up to 2-3 days to reply your pitch and another3-5days to reply your submission. Please be patient.
  • You would be contacted if your submission is accepted and informed of when it is scheduled for publication on our editorial calendar
  • If your pitch is accepted and your submission falls below standard, your article will not be published. You may be asked to make some corrections and resubmit. But do not count on it.
  • We reserve the right to update your post in future for accuracy and comprehensiveness as we see fit.
  • You MUST make time to reply a minimum of 2 comments on your post before leaving the rest for our team.
  • We reserve the right to include a call to action to your content, including but not limited to email subscription opt ins, downloadable content and other free or paid services as we see fit.
  • We do not accept guest posts written solely to advertise products or affiliate links
  • Our readers are mostly frugal millennials striving for all round wellness and wellness bloggers trying to find their way in the blogosphere.
  • We currently do not have a budget. Submissions are unpaid. However you will benefit from maximum exposure to our fast growing readership bank and a backlink to your own site.

If you have any questions Contact Us and we will reply within 2 business days.