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Wellness Keep is a holistic wellness blog where we share simple feasible tips on how to live intentionally in all dimensions of life; physically, environmentally, financially, occupationally, socially, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. We promote the 8 dimensions of wellness because no one is truly well when one of these dimensions is neglected.

Additionally, we share tips for beginner and intermediate wellness bloggers to find their foot in the blogosphere.


…Living Well, Blogging Well!


We aim bring to consciousness what holistic wellness actually is and not limiting it to ‘one’ dimension or ‘some’ dimensions. We share achievable tips to help you strive to live intentionally above all the chaos of life.

We believe that every wellness blogger  is a wellness enthusiast. Hence, while we inspire you to live intentionally, we understand that you may want to share your own wellness story or help people lie better with your knowledge of wellness so we help interested enthusiastic wellness writers, replicate our wellness blogging hacks in order to get the word out because we understand that we are ‘one tree’ and a tree cannot make a forest; changing the narrative of what a large population thinks holistic wellness is, will surely take a village.


Apart from our content rich articles, we have dedicated a category for resources we recommend and created an insider only FREE resource library endowed with materials to help you achieve holistic wellness and/or improve your wellness blogging.

We also provide premium wellness resources for busy wellness entrepreneurs to brand as their own and build authority.

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The Wellness Keep team is made up of a close knit group of individuals with expertise in their fields to ensure that only correct and high value content are published in the Keep.

Rose, Founder of Wellness Keep

Holistic Wellness enthusiast, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Medical Microbiology and Parasitology Specialist, self acclaimed awesome person, wannabe lottery winner and upcoming wealthy person. 

She has a certificate in assisted reproduction (Andrology Laboratory Protocols). She has written over 100 published blog posts, designs all Wellness Keep’s free and premium ebooks, checklists, planners, workbooks e.t.c and currently writes 60% of the done-for-you content on the wellness keep premium shop.

When she isn’t busy with lab work or creating content here, she spends time baking and daydreaming (mostly of the day she’ll win $897,000,000 in the lottery). She really did specialise in Medical Microbiology and Parasitology to feel cool when she pronounces huge names of microorganisms amongst other worthy reasons.


The Wellness Keep Editorial team helps hold the fort by proof reading blog posts, creating content and making sure everything functions adequately.

Chinweike/ Chief Multi-Tasker

Chinweike doubles as a content creator and a professional advisor at Wellness Keep. He is a Medical Laboratory Scientist specialized in Chemical Pathology, expert in Assisted Reproduction and Co-director of Fich Medical and Diagnostics, Nigeria.

He has ghost written over 50 health based projects and seminars. And loves SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences)

When he is not  busy with lab work or content creation for both wellness keep and our premium shop, he spends time playing video games and watching football.

He thinks he doesn’t have an intonation and is too devoted to leave Arsenal. In another life, his name would be Henry.

Michael - Blog Beautifier

Michael is the handler of big tech issues and designer of nice blogs. He has a background in Computer Science, handles all Wellness Keeps’ designs and if this blog is ever ugly; it would be entirely his fault. When he isn’t optimizing stuff here, he is busy designing logos and websites for his clients in his design company.


Our professional advisors are a group of professionals in different fields all making sure whatever is published on this blog is vetted and accurate to help you make informed decisions in your holistic wellness journey.

Dr. E. Ofutet

Dr Eko is a Dad, Medical Doctor, Certified Family Physician with more than 30years experience, Fellow of the Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria, Medical Director of Ekana Medical Centre, Awardee of the Development in Nigeria Merit Award in Human Medicine, Divisional Chairman of the Nigerian Red Cross Society, a UNPOLAC ambassador for peace, Certified Dispute Resolutionist and Farmer; one of the largest oxygen producers through mass afforestation in his state.

When he is not busy with medical practice, he spends time either visiting one of his farms or taking long walks.

Esther Ofutet

Esther is a Mum, Registered Nurse and Midwife with more than 25years experience under her belt. Additionally, she is a Director of Public Health, an Environmental Health Educationist for over 10 years and a serial entrepreneur.

She tirelessly vets all content published in the physical and environmental wellness category

When she isn’t doing health related stuff you can find her sewing or gardening.

Kolitem Inakwu

Kolitem is a Radiographer, frugal millennial and advocate of global warming awareness. When she isn’t taking pictures of body parts and listening to ultra sounds for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, she spends time sewing or volunteering.

Blessing Onuora

Blessing is a Pharmacist, serial entrepreneur and business coach. When she isn’t doing one of the aforementioned, she spends time web surfing and day dreaming.

Salome Ofutet

Salome is a Human Resource Manager, unrepentant occupational wellness enthusiast and small business owner. In her spare time, she loves thrifting and travelling.


We look forward to working with you, kindly read all about the services we provide. We are very picky about who we work with and what we promote to our readers, so this isn’t an ‘anything goes’ blog. If you have any questions about wellness or blogging, you can read our FAQs before you contact us just so you won’t repeat a question we have already answered.


We’d like to say a light shone from the sky and angelic wings flapped in slow motion as a voice from the sky echoed the words “wellness keep” to Rose but that didn’t happen so we’d say the real boring story instead; the battle for a good name was a tough one. It was a hot afternoon, they were no visible angels and Rose sure as hell didn’t hear a voice from the skies but the name came to her exactly 1,894,560 possible blog names after her search began (she really can’t remember how many so that was our closest guess).

In medieval times, a ‘keep’ was the main self-sufficient building fortified against attack that people could fall back to during a battle. So, with basic understanding of what a ‘keep’ is, she came up with ‘wellness keep’ which is a self-sufficient archive for all things wellness and wellness blogging.


Growing up in a health oriented family, I have always known about the importance of health and wellness but never from a holistic point of view. It always sounded like; eat well, exercise often, avoid mosquito bites, don’t throw your drugs under the chair just because you are not sick (I really did throw my drugs under the chair), sleep well, prevent sickness generally and you will be well.

That was only half of the truth about wellness. I have come to realise that wellness isn’t only the absence of disease. It is every part who of I am as a person, the decisions I make every day and even the places I go. It is a conscious continues journey that is more intertwined than we know.

My decision to start blogging in 2017 was on a whim. I had written my degree exams months before and still stayed back in school for my final professional exams which took longer than normal to organise. I was depressed, broke, not sick but felt sick and uncertain about my future after graduation. Blogging just made sense. It was sort of an escape and very therapeutic. I wrote on the blog about anything that crossed my mind and spent time reading other blogs.

About six months later, I decide to take blogging seriously and be known for something; wellness.

I love writing about wellness from a holistic stand point and I’m fascinated by what a non tech person like me have been able to do tech-wise, since I started blogging. I am eager to share my knowledge and it all made sense when my entire family and friends offered support. 90% of my family and friends are in the medical field.

When I started blogging, I had zero help and had to learn on the job. I made many mistakes and these are just 22 things I wish I knew before starting my blog. I have since learnt more after publishing that post.

Now, more than a year later, I regularly get blog related questions so much that It is time consuming and a bit overwhelming to reply everyone in detail. So I initiated the creation of the wellness blogging basics category to document my wellness blogging journey and share my blogging hacks.

Hopefully, it will be a handy resource in helping you start and/or improve your own wellness blog or at least be the compass that points you in the right direction towards building the wellness brand of your dreams.

I don’t claim to know everything. In fact, I learn new techniques everyday but I take out time to share what I have learned from  advice from fellow bloggers, multiple hours of research and good ol’ trial and error every once in a while. I have organised it to help you cut down your research time and save money by doing it yourself. If a non tech savvy person like me could do it, so can you!

Here are some not so boring facts about me:
  • I recently decided to embrace my English name on my blog. I really hated the name ‘Rose’ but I love it now. You would see that some people address me as ‘Sim’. They are both my names.
  • I am a wannabe lottery winner although I have never played a lottery (I will at some point)
  • I am extremely family orientated and addicted to planning out every single detail. I always go for good ol’ pen and paper when planning.
  • I am a Christian, a selectively social person and a recovering food dinosaur
  • I enjoy singing off key to any song especially in the shower and when I download a song I listen to it consecutively for about forty times and then I don’t like it anymore.
  • I have started writing more than half a dozen fictional books but haven’t finished any one. I even started a book titled “unfinished” because I knew from the start that I wasn’t going to finish it.
  • In my spare time, I enjoy baking, day dreaming, decorating event centres and cherish the times I am busy doing nothing

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